About Joel McIver

As of early 2015, I'm the author of 26 books (about 50 more exist in translation): Classic Rock magazine recently described me as "by some distance the UK's most prolific rock/metal author", which was dashed kind of them, I must say.

As well as writing books, I contribute to music and film magazines such as Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, Drummer and Record Collector. I'm also the editor of Bass Guitar Magazine.

On top of all this, I do a fair bit of radio and TV, I write liner notes for CDs and DVDs (there's a partial list of them here) and I write for broadsheets such as the Daily Telegraph and The Guardian (my contributor page for the latter is here). There's more info about me and my books at my Wikipedia page.

There are interviews with me on the web going back as far as 2002. Here's a bunch of the more recent ones.

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I've interviewed over 1000 musicians, actors, directors, producers and associated goons over the years: a partial list of interviewees can be found here. Some of my stuff is available for syndication at this location.

Online features written by me for your amusement:

Obituaries written for the Guardian and Telegraph:

Fanboy Gallery
Tom Araya of Slayer, 2001 [Slayer]
Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, 2004 [Megadeth]
Kerry King [Slayer] and Mick Thomson [Slipknot], 2005
Lemmy, 2005
Yngwie J Malmsteen, 2005 [Yngwie's site]
Vinny Appice of Heaven And Hell, 2008
[VInny's site]
Kerry King with The Bloody Reign Of Slayer, 2008
Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, 2008 [Iron Maiden]
Kirk Hammett of Metallica, 2008 [Metallica]
Trivium, 2008
Dave Lombardo of Slayer, 2008
Steve Asheim of Deicide, 2008
Troy Sanders of Mastodon, 2009
George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse, 2009
[Cannibal Corpse]
Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, 2009
[Cannibal Corpse]
Adam Duce of Machine Head, 2009
[Machine Head]
Phil Demmel of Machine Head, 2009
[Machine Head]
Cronos of Venom and Ihsahn, ex of Emperor, 2009
[Venom, Ihsahn]
Herman Li of Dragonforce, 2009 [Dragonforce]
Jason Mendonça of Akercocke, 2009 [Akercocke]
Ian Brown, 2009
Ian Brown]
Rob Halford of Judas Priest, 2010
Judas Priest]

Les Claypool, 2010
[Les Claypool]

Glenn Hughes, 2010 [Glenn Hughes]
David Ellefson, 2010 [Megadeth]
Dave Mustaine, 2010 [Megadeth]
Joey Belladonna, 2010 [Anthrax]
Robert Trujillo, 2010 [Metallica]
Kerry King, 2010 [Slayer]
Larry Lalonde of Primus, 2011 [Primus]
Glen Matlock, 2010 [Glen's site]
Dave Lombardo of Slayer again, 2011, taken by the lovely Tina Korhonen.
Sir Patrick Moore, astronomer and legend, 2011, with my Motorhead biography.
Johnny Marr, sometime Smith and renaissance man, 2011 (website)
Lars Ulrich of Metallica, 2012,with
Glenn Hughes's autobiography
, for which he wrote the foreword
John Taylor of Duran Duran, 2012, at a cover shoot for Bass Guitar Magazine. Pic: Tina Korhonen.
Mark King of Level 42, 2012, also for Bass Guitar Magazine. Pic: Tina Korhonen.
A feature on me and my career in Close-Up magazine, April 2013.
With Robert Trujillo of Metallica, courtesy of Tina Korhonen, June 2014.